Community Development

stop counting coins

More than 1.3 billion people live on less than $1.25 a day. As miniscule as that amount is, it’s still a lot of pennies! 80% of the worldwide population is living on less than $10 a day, and we believe they all deserve a solution to poverty. So, we stopped counting coins and started educating to end it.


educating to end poverty

Waking up from a great dream is a spectacular feeling. Living in one is even better. Those living in poverty have never been taught how to dream, let alone set tangible goals. We provide business education workshops to encourage economic development and eradicate poverty. By facilitating conversations among community members, light bulbs spark and ideas are generated among one another. We assist in developing plans to materialize these ideas, and sharing these dreams with others in the community, inviting accountability to see them through. We aren’t trying to make dreams come true­–we just make them feasible.

80% of the
lives on under

$10 a day

grows by 1%

By 2%

dreams by the dozen

For every 1% growth of small business, poverty drops 2%. We don’t live on Wall Street, but we believe returns that high are worth investing in. The amazing effects of educating individuals on basic business practices are unexpected, yet incredible. The basic conversations I Thirst brings to the table can build life-changing businesses, lowering poverty levels throughout communities. Dreams by the dozen are only possible with strength in numbers; ripples are formed from one small splash. There are several different ways to defeat poverty, but we think we’ve found one of the best–don’t you?