We all have something to give: time, talents, treasures, and more. At I THIRST, we give water filters and education to the communities we collaborate with. We give hope and love to the neglected and oppressed. We give the world all we can in our pursuit to restore social justice as God intended, but through mission, we receive so much more. And you can, too.

be the

Why Missions

Give more than money. Receive more than imagined.

Keep someone else’s heart beating. Feel it in yours.

Build meaningful relationships. Create communities of hope.

Experience what matters. Share it with who matters.

make a splash

make a splash The success of a mission trip can be measured from the impact on the people we serve, and the people who serve. Missions are the first splash in two ripples of hope; the ripple in the community and the ripple inside of you. You’re left with connections to the people and the land; the thirst to share those special experiences with others. By experiencing and exposing the issues firsthand, telling your story can inspire others to give. After all, it’s through giving that we receive so much. It all begins with a splash. Are you ready to dive in?

Are you ready to dive in?

frequently asked questions

Will I really make an impact?

Your impact is on more than just the people you’ll serve. Your impact is on you and your loved ones, your friends and your community. Your mission experience will impact your life in unimaginable ways even more than it will impact the lives of anyone else. Yes. You really will make an impact.

Can I just donate instead?

You can! Dollar for dollar, monetary donations will buy more tangible items than mission can and are just as appreciated by the people we serve. But will you appreciate it? Will you feel the transformation? Mission is all about the experience you get while impacting others and yourself. Mission gives more than it takes, and we think you’ll find that return is even more valuable than tangible goods alone.

Is it worth it?

We think it is, and we think you do, too, if you’re asking this question. There are several unknowns involved in traveling to new places, interacting with new people, and sharing new experiences. But these unknowns are what makes mission worth it. The feelings we didn’t know we could feel; the hope we didn’t know we could provide. Those are what make missions worth it.

How do I know it’s right for me?

You don’t, and honestly, you shouldn’t. Mission is a unique, special experience that’s all about expanding your horizons, reaching outside your comfort zone, and encountering new things. Sounds cliché? Absolutely. But is it true? We wouldn’t lie. We all have hesitations, but we’ve found–more often than not–the highlights of each mission are tied to the hesitations had in the first place.