Past Missions

I Thirst International provides clean water in developing nations through filtration, wells, pump repair, rain collection tanks & spring boxes. We teach small business to literate and non literate individuals alike to alleviate poverty at a personal level. Over the past 7 years we have made a difference in 10 countries. Through emergency relief efforts, we have distributed thousands of portable water filters after the earthquake in Nepal & hurricanes in Haiti and the Philippines.


Jan '18


The first graduating class from the small business training course. View More
Oct '17


Filters distributed in remote regions of the Himalayan Foothills View More
Jul '17


School children at Treasured Kids Elementary received a Sawyer filter in each classroom for a clean water source. The best part of this story is... View More
Jul '16


Thousands were helped in this Returnee Camp who were in desperate need for safe drinking water. View More
Jan '16


This children's home was thrilled to receive this filter. When we returned a year later they reported the children had not had any stomach issues... View More
Jan '16


We take helpers at any age for filter preparation. Northern India received these filters in transient slum areas. View More
May '15


Our work in Uganda is ongoing. The need is great and we have a wonderful partner. A typical water source is an open pond which... View More
Jan '15


Much of the groundwater in Cambodia is contaminated by arsenic so rainwater is collected and stored through the dry season in large clay containers. Families... View More
May '14


On the island of Leyte, we distributed filters to families, some of whom were dealing with a typhoon outbreak. View More
Jul '13


After a torrential downpour from a passing tropical storm, the road became a river. We took a bucket of that muddy water and filtered it.... View More
Sep '12


After Hurricane Sandy, we distributed filters in disaster affected zones. View More
Feb '11


The founders of I Thirst sponsor a child through World Vision and first found the Sawyer Water Filter while in Honduras on a trip to... View More


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emergency relief

In collaboration with Ugandan Water Project and Impact Nations, we have distributed over 1000 water filters in Nepal after the destructive 2015 earthquakes; over 400 filters distributed in the Philippines after Hurricane Haiyan in 2013, and after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 we distributed filters in Haiti.