clean water access

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Hot showers. Morning coffee. Load after (tiring) load of laundry. Clean water is something we rely on in our daily lives, yet we all know it’s something not everyone has access to. When we turn on the tap, we don’t think twice about the steady stream of crystal clear water. The 884 million people in developing countries with inadequate access to clean water; they think twice. They think about the 840,000 people who die each year from water-related diseases–and so do we.


clean water can change a life

Clean water can change a life. In fact, it can change many lives. One water filter provides clean water to a family for ten years, removing all parasites and bacteria. We provide those filters to communities in desperate need of clean water, creating the first drop in the ripple of hope for better lives. Larger projects, such as community bore holes (wells), water tanks, and spring boxes for constantly running clean water not only ensure clean water security, but bring people together working toward a common goal. We aim to not only provide clean water, but to also educate, encourage, and honor the awe-inspiring cultures of the communities we collaborate with.

1 filter =
clean water
for 10 years


crystal clear visions of hope

3,000 water filters

10 countries

Since 2009

Working in partnership with the Ugandan Water Project in Rochester, NY and Impact Nations, based in Albuquerque, NM, I Thirst has placed close to 3,000 water filters in ten countries since 2009. That’s thousands of people not needing to think twice about how their food can be prepared or their clothes washed or their bodies cleaned. Thousands of lives transformed through a simple solution. Thousands of crystal clear visions of hope in an otherwise cloudy life. That’s the difference between people in pain and empowered individuals, and that’s why we do what we do.